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I'm an environmental economist in training at UW-Madison since 2022. The question I'm most passionate about is: how can we combat climate change? To that end, my current research is aimed at the effective implementation of climate policies such as carbon pricing.

Before diving into the world of economics, I was a trained Japanese literature critic/translator who was fascinated by modern Japanese novels that dealt with existentialism and post-modernism. 

Outside of my academic life, I'm a real-time strategy video game enjoyer, foodie, competitive shooting participant, and car lover.

In my pre-academic life, I grew up in Guizhou, China and Orange County, California. I played varsity basketball until taking a hit to the knee, trained in vocal until catching chronic bronchitis, and competed in StarCraft 2 ladder and tournaments until getting wrist issues. To live is to suffer, but I enjoy suffering. :D

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