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Data & Resources

I have two un-updatable priors: 1) anything can be done on R, and 2) spatial analysis is the only type of research that's genuinely fun to do. Check out these data resources, maybe you'll become a convert too 😎.

Land-use Data

U.S. Solar PV Facilities in Western Interconnection (Hu et al.) Available soon. 

Global Inventory of Solar PV panels (Kruitwagen et al., 2021)

Global Inventory of Mines (Maus et al., 2022)

Global Inventory of Offshore Wind Turbines (Zhang et al., 2021)

Gridded U.S. Land Use,1940–2015 (Shane et al., 2022)

Inventory of Tree Canopy in NYC (Ma. et al., 2023)

Population, Land-use and Economic estimates in Europe, 1870-2020 (Paprotny & Mengel, 2023)

Spatial Analysis on R

Guide to Combine Spatial data with the U.S. Census Data (Walker, 2023)

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