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My primary research interests are Environmental Economics, Health Economics, Urban Economics, Political Economy, and Life Cycle Assessment of Energy systems. Read below for more details about my research projects.

Working Papers

Siyuan Hu, Rebecca R. Hernandez, Jeya Maria Jose, Vishal Patel, Yinong Sun, Sarah M. Jordaan*. Land-use Requirements of Solar Photovoltaics in the Western Interconnection. (Under review at Nature Sustainability)

     Best Poster Award (The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment 2021 Conference)

Other Publications

Juncheng Cai, Siyuan Hu, Qiuyan Lin, Tao Ren, Libin Chen. China's ‘dynamic zero COVID-19 strategy’ will face greater challenges in the future. Journal of Infection 85, E13-E14 (2022).

Work in Progress

Siyuan Hu. I Did That: The Political Economy of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanups.

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